Alterations of wedding gowns, bridesmaid and mothers gowns.

The earlier you make your appointment the better. During the busy times of the year (March-Oct) it may be difficult to book a seamstress for your alterations. Plan ahead for a least two to three fittings for bridal and one to two fittings for all others. I usually try to have you come in at least a couple of months before your wedding date. If you already have your gown and have no plans to change your weight you may book your fitting earlier with the last fitting closer to your date. This will help ease of the feeling of being rushed for you and for me.


I offer pressing for gowns and veils. I will do my best to address all details of your gown. The cost is based on the type of fabric, details and layers. I will have your gown pressed just before you pick it up so it stays crisp and beautiful. You should try and locate a safe, clean place to hang or drape your gown when ready to take home. My motto... no cats, no kids, no dogs allowed near your gown.


I have a creative flair with bustles. There are many different styles in which to bustle a gown. Some are incredibly challenging because of design detail, drapes and sheer weight. Others can be light and airy and have just a few little ribbons or hooks. I will be glad to show you a few different ways to balance your gown for ease in walking and dancing.


I can create a veil to compliment your face and gown. With all the colors of gowns these days I can help match the right hue of veil to your gown. I also carry a nice selection of affordable tiaras and combs. Bring your headpiece in if you have one and I can attach a veil or make one separate on a comb.


Email - mkkelly@mkkreations.com

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