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The restoration of this gown was a true labor of love. Brought into the studio in very poor condition, I fell in love with it and the era immediately. Its top layer of skirt had ribbons of lace that needed to be removed, repaired and placed on the second layer of organdy that was near perfect condition. Quite a surprise. Tiny beads dotted the top edge of the bodice which needed to be resewn and 57 of the 60(1/4”) buttons and loops down the back were restored. The bodice neckline was reshaped and satin banded for comfort. This was the only size adjustment. She was the perfect size for this gown. The entire gown was relined and crinoline replaced. Keeping as much of the original gown was important to the client and myself. The result took our breath away.

This gown had an overlay on the bodice of sheer organdy with cotton rose medallions. I removed and re-cut the sheer then replaced the roses with the bride having the final say of placement. This a perfect example of taking a ready made gown and having a vision of something more suited for the bride. Not all dresses can be restyled so readily but as you can see I’ve been faced with some wonderful challenges.

Both of these brides have moved since working with them. I don’t feel comfortable showing their faces without their permission.

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